How Custom Builders are Redefining the Idea of a Forever Home

Published January 8, 2021.
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If you have not heard the term ‘forever home’ it is a phrase used to describe a home that you want to live in for your lifetime. There are many positive reasons to choose a Calgary custom home builder to help with the process of building a forever home.

Calgary custom home builders can tailor your forever home to meet your specific requirements, not just now but also planning to age in place in your dream home. With the increasing cost of moving, a vast number of people are looking to build a custom home that will serve them for their entire lifetime. Here are several reasons for this:

More people than ever are working from home, or they intend to work from home in the future, so creating a home with a dedicated workspace will help to improve quality of life and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Avoiding economic challenges that the future may bring. The world seems to be a very volatile place at the moment with uncertainty in the economy and the 2020 pandemic, people are looking for greater levels of security in their property to make sure that they are protected financially if there is another economic downturn.

People want a home that means they never have to move again. The forever home idea is becoming an increasingly popular trend, but to create a home that fits your exact requirements, it is incredibly beneficial to work with a custom builder.

What is a Custom Home Builder?

A Calgary custom home builder is one that specializes in the development of a brand-new home that has been built to your exact specifications to meet your lifestyle now and into the future. Custom homes are usually well-designed properties that are built specifically for individuals who live there. They are unique homes that include a range of bespoke features and qualities that you may not find elsewhere.

A Customizable Home

There are many options to consider, such as the type of home including detached, semidetached, or attached, the floor plan of upstairs and downstairs, the materials, and the ability to add additional features such as an elevator, or car lifts, home automation, etc.

Sustainable Homes

As we become more conscious about the environmental impact of our daily lives, custom home builds and forever homes allow us to become more aware of the materials used to construct homes to make them kinder on the environment. It is not only during the build process that sustainable homes are good for the environment. They are also built for maximum energy efficiency, saving homeowners money over time. Sustainable homes are becoming much more attractive to homebuyers. When building a sustainable home, it should be built in a way that makes the most of natural resources and the surroundings. Considerations include using the power of the sun and the wind to heat and cool the house rather than relying on expensive heating and cooling systems. Custom house builders are very innovative when it comes to sustainability so if these are features that you want to include it’s definitely worth mentioning to your contractor.

Future-Proofing Your Forever Home

Making a custom build work for you for decades may seem like an immensely challenging task, but with a few simple considerations, it is easy to future-proof your forever home. Here are some of the best ways that you can do just that.

  • Energy Efficiency - Continuing the sustainability theme, maximizing energy efficiency in your home has to be a key consideration. Reducing heat loss and maximizing the use of natural resources should always be part of the build. Things such as insulation and glazing are important for energy and cost savings.
  • Dual Purpose Rooms - Through the years, the way in which you use your home will change. A bedroom may become a workshop or a study or a large dining area may be transformed into a second living room, or perhaps an unoccupied bedroom could be transformed into a home gym. All these things should be factored into your decision making so that rooms can be sized and used to their full potential.
  • Doors - In the build process, make sure that the doors are slightly wider than normal to accommodate a wheelchair or mobility aid if this is ever required in the future.
  • Levels - Where the house is split over two or more levels, make sure that staircases are wide enough for a stairlift or even make a space in the house to accommodate a small lift to ensure that the other floors can be easily accessed if mobility is limited.
  • Bathrooms - It is a good idea to have more than one bathroom, or at least a WC on the ground floor. Wet rooms are also more accessible than a bathroom with a traditional bath that you need to climb in and out of.
  • Storage - As you age, your mobility naturally declines, and stretching or bending becomes more difficult. The installation of pull-down doors and low-level benches including storage can be a useful addition. It is all about making things easier and safer.
  • Flooring - Making sure that the floors are as even as possible without steps or different levels to contend with. Also, think about the material of the floor that it will be suitable for walking on. Things such as shiny tiles may look great, but they are not the best for walking on if mobility is not the best.

Realize Your Dream

When you work under the expertise of a Calgary custom home builder you will be able to make your dream home a reality. You can live where you want, create a home that allows you to make modifications as your needs change, adapt to changing technologies and energy-efficient designs, and build a home that you will never want to sell.

At Sunset Homes, we are there to help you realize your dream custom home Ready to design and build your forever home in Calgary? Contact Sunset Homes today!  We would love to learn more about your custom project and prepare a class 3 summary budget for you.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Finding the right custom home builder is key to building your forever home. Future proof your forever home paying special attention to energy efficiency, specialized layouts, and features to allow easy mobility around your custom home.

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