Embracing Nature: Building Your Dream Acreage Home With Sunset Homes

Published June 14, 2024.
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Do you daydream of being far away from the noise and crowds of the city? Would you prefer to live closer to nature, where birdsong, not car horns, is the soundtrack to your day? Are you able to work from home some or most days? Then, a custom acreage house by Sunset Homes might be your dream home. 

Sunset Homes is an award-winning, eco-friendly home builder in Calgary. We focus on developing state-of-the-art houses on picturesque lots that offer modern conveniences amidst the raw beauty of nature. 

The Benefits of Living on Acreage 

Space and Privacy

When you build your home on acreage, you escape the close quarters of city or suburban living. Moreover, your property will have ample space for outdoor activities and for children and pets to roam freely and safely. You can even host large gatherings, like family reunions, barbecues with friends and outdoor movie nights under the stars.  

Connection With Nature 

With the wilderness at your doorstep, you don't need to travel to experience the best nature has to offer. Your acreage can be the perfect habitat for birds and butterflies or the ideal spot for cultivating your thriving hobby farm. 

With custom acreage homes in Calgary, you can take it slow every day, not just on holidays. You can wake up early and watch the sunrise from your deck or go stargazing in your expansive backyard, with the sound of crickets and the glow of fireflies replacing the drone of traffic and the city's bright lights. 

Customization Options 

Acreage living in Calgary allows you to build a custom home tailored to your lifestyle and aligned with your values. We will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind residence that reflects your personality, taking advantage of the space to incorporate your desired features that may not be feasible in an urban setting. 

Sunset Homes Custom Builder: Our Approach to Acreage Home Design and Construction

Personalized Design Process

We begin with an in-depth consultation, exploring your lifestyle, budget and dream features. Our team regularly communicates with you, from project launch to construction and finishing touches, to ensure every detail meets or exceeds your expectations. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Our custom homes are designed with intention and a focus on luxury. We use only the highest-quality and energy-efficient materials for our custom acreage homes in Calgary. 

Sustainability Practices

We incorporate sustainable practices throughout the construction process, minimizing our environmental footprint and ensuring your acreage home coexists harmoniously with nature. 

Key Features of Sunset Homes' Acreage Builds

We have built custom acreage homes in Calgary in various architectural styles, from French Country to traditional farmhouses. These homes have amenities such as a home gym, a mud room, and a stable. 

Sunset Homes' custom acreage homes offer the following features: 

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Our designs seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. With large patios, outdoor kitchens and panoramic windows, the breathtaking views of your acreage become an extension of your living area.

Custom Landscaping

Your outdoor space is a blank canvas for creating an outdoor haven that complements its natural surroundings. We work closely with you to ensure your landscaping vision complements your dream home and showcases your acreage's natural character. 

Modern Amenities

Living in nature doesn't have to mean sacrificing modern conveniences. Our custom builds incorporate luxury finishes, smart home technology, energy-efficient features and more, ensuring your comfort and empowering you to experience the best of both worlds. 

What Clients Are Saying About Sunset Homes

"Sunset Homes is Calgary's go-to for top-notch houses. Super professional and totally passionate about making your dream home a reality. I couldn't be happier about the result. Plus, their attention to detail is spot-on, using only the best materials. They stick around even after the job's done to make sure you're still loving your new house."

- Oscar Pardo

"We built a home via Sunset Homes and have lived in the house now for about 1.5 years. It was a pleasure going through the build process with them. They are well organized and have great relationships with their vendors - this means that the project will get done on schedule.

After a year and a half living in the house, I can say that the build quality is solid and to spec. Any issues we have had have been resolved for the most part in a timely manner. Thank you Sunset homes for the great experience and home that you have given us."

- Ketan L

"Pedro and his team have been fantastic to work with! Home blueprints and designs are customized to exactly what the client envisions and completely surpass expectations! He'll guide you in the right direction regarding cost management and provides fantastic insight on where to allocate the budget in order to get the most value in your new home. Finishings are very modern, clean and the options for upgrades are quite impressive. Pedro and his team are very responsive and questions never go unanswered (no matter how many of them you have!). Thank you to the team who makes a vision into a house and then a home!" 

- Sarah Loney

Build Your Dream Home in Calgary 

Acreage living in Calgary offers serenity and peace. Away from the stresses of urban living, acreage homes provide an escape to a more peaceful, quiet environment. 

To transform your dream acreage home into a reality, turn to Sunset Homes. We take pride in being a sought-after builder of custom acreage homes in Calgary. Our clients' satisfaction with our work is a reflection of our skills, creativity and dedication to exceptional results. 

View our gallery to see some of our projects, and reach out to us to learn more about our custom-building process. 

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