Custom Homes with Home Office Spaces

Published August 16, 2023.
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Recent events have changed the way many people work. With more and more people working from home, having a dedicated home office space has become essential.

If you're considering building a custom home in Calgary, one of the best things you can do is to include a home office space. A well-designed home office can be a productive and comfortable space where you can focus on your work.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a home office space in your custom home in Calgary:

  • Location: The location of your home office is important. You want to choose a space that is quiet and free from distractions. If possible, the home office should be located near a window so that you can get natural light.
  • Size: The size of your home office will depend on your needs. If you only need a small space for basic tasks, you can get away with a smaller home office. However, if you need a space for meetings or presentations, you'll need a larger home office.
  • Layout: The layout of your home office is important for productivity. We want to make sure that you have enough space for your desk, chair, and other essential equipment. You may also want to consider adding storage space for files and supplies.
  • Furniture: The furniture you choose for your home office is important for comfort and productivity. You'll want to choose a desk and chair that are comfortable and supportive. You may also want to add a bookshelf or filing cabinet for storage.
  • Lighting: The lighting in your home office is important for productivity. You'll want to choose a light source that provides plenty of natural light. If you don't have a window in your home office, you may need to add task lighting.
  • Power and Internet Access: Although internet can be accessed wirelessly, we can have an ethernet point and power outlet installed on the floor under the desk location to avoid any tripping hazard.
  • Decoration: The decoration of your home office is important for creating a productive and comfortable space. You may want to add personal touches to your home office, such as artwork, plants, or family photos.

Here are a few additional tips for designing a home office space in your custom home:

  • Consider your needs: When designing your home office, it's important to consider your needs. What do you need your home office for? Will you be using it for basic tasks, such as checking email and working on spreadsheets, or will you need a space for more complex tasks, such as video conferencing and presentations?
  • Make it functional: Your home office should be a functional space. This means that it should be well-organized and equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment.
  • Make it comfortable: Your home office should also be a comfortable space. This means that you should choose furniture that is comfortable and supportive. You may also want to add some personal touches to make your home office feel like your own.
  • By following these tips, you can create a home office space that is both functional and comfortable.

No matter where you decide to have your home office in your custom home build, make sure that it's a space that you'll enjoy working in.

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