Custom Home Building Steps: Interior Finishes

Published May 1, 2019.
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In this blog series, we have explored the custom home building process step by step from how to prepare your ideas for your custom home design, choosing a lot, the construction process itself, and your custom home foundations, framing, and mechanical installation, to insulation and drywall.

Once your custom home building has gone through all of those steps, your home is actually starting to look like a home and not like a construction site. Exciting times come ahead when the exterior and interior finishes stage starts. This stage of the custom home building process is a fun stage for homeowners because they can start looking at all the selections they made during the design and planning process at the very early stages!

If you want to learn more about exterior finishes, take a look at our blog Custom Home Building Steps: Exterior Finishes, so you can learn more about this step of the building process. If you are looking for ideas of what to choose for your exterior finishes or your exterior colours, check out Exterior Finishing Options for your Custom Home in Calgary and Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Choose Exterior Colours this 2019.

The interior finishes stage starts after drywall and insulation are ready, the drywall is painted with a prime coat and then we are ready to start working in all the interior details.

What are Interior Finishes?

The interior finishes are all the details and selections you have made for your new Calgary custom home. So, it is when the interior of your new custom home will start taking shape. During this stage, your custom cabinets and built-ins are made, painted and installed.

Your countertops, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and appliances will be put in place. All doors, mirrors, showers doors, trims, baseboards, and other hardware, interior painting and flooring will also be installed. If you selected stone or tile for your fireplace it will be put in place during this stage and all your flooring will be installed as well.

Interior Finishes for a Unique Look

This stage can be fun and exciting for our homeowners because they get to see all the little details come together that they selected at the beginning during the design phase and the selections process. Some homeowners worry about how to tackle the responsibility of choosing every detail of their custom home. We always offer a couple of solutions.

Depending on your style, if you have a very clear idea and a detailed wish-list, you can follow our selections schedule and work with our team to have guidance in your selections. We also have tons of tips regarding selections on our Selections Process section of this blog!

Another great option is to work with an interior designer who can save you time and present you with the options that fulfill your wishes, needs, and of course your budget! If working with an interior designer is of interest to you, check out the 3 Advantages of Having an Interior Designer for your New Build and Renovation Projects.

This is one of the last steps of the custom home building process followed by landscaping and the final touches for you to move into your new custom home! This stage can take about three months when all of your selections are made on time, that is why we strive to work on the selections process in the early stages. Even though this particular step might appear to be a lot of work, with the guidance of an experienced custom home builder, an organized schedule and the right tools to keep track of your project, you will be able to enjoy it and see how your custom home comes to life!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

In the interior finishes step of the custom home building process, we work on all the materials and items that you have chosen for the interior of your new custom home, such as custom cabinetry, built-ins, countertops, flooring, fixtures, interior painting, and any other interior detail.

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