Custom Home Builder Tips to Save Money When Building Your Custom Dream Home

Published August 16, 2017.
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Custom Home Builder Tips to Save MoneyThe overall cost to build a custom home can vary depending on the difficulty of the construction, the finishing materials selection, the size and design of the home, the specialized engineering and site servicing needed, the finishing quality, and also the contracting option. In building costs are divided between soft and hard costs; learn everything about costs and what to expect in your custom home building budget in our articles What is the Cost of Building a Custom Home in Calgary and Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Home Building Budget Part I.

As building a custom home is a major investment, researching about home building and choosing a professional Calgary custom home builder to give you their expert advice is a must. At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home building our primary goal is to educate our homeowners and to guide them through the building process to make their custom dream home come true. Check out this little tips we have for you to save money while building your custom dream home.

Choose an Open Concept Design for Your Custom Home

The more square footage you have, the higher will be the cost. Talk to your custom home builder and designer and ask them for an open concept home design, in this way you will be able to use as much space as possible and have a sense of openness in your home. The open concept also can save you money in your budget as you are not adding the cost of interior walls, doors, wiring or plumbing.

Select the Right Custom Home Builder for You

There are many home builders in Calgary, and each of them offers services that can suit your building project. For a custom home building project, we suggest selecting a professional and transparent builder with which you can establish a good communication and that understands your vision and how you want your custom home exactly to be. If your custom home design matches the home builder's vision, your project is set out to be a success. Furthermore, selecting a home builder that works with quality building materials, is a member of associations that support their credibility, and can offer you references from previous projects will give you confidence and assurance that your home will be a quality investment

Go for Semi-detached

Semi-detached homes are a solid investment and an excellent way to save money and still have a relatively large home for your family. Although they have less outdoor living spaces than detached homes, the maintenance cost for each side is also lower in comparison to a single home. You can either rent or sell the other side of your property and recover part of your investment.

Additionally, consider green building and home automation for your new custom home. Adding as many green building features to your project as well as home automation helps you saving money, living a healthier lifestyle, and help the environment as well.

Are you ready to build a custom home with us? Contact Sunset Homes today; we will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When building your custom dream home consider having an open concept design, think about investing in a semi-detached home, green building, and home automation.

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