Custom Home Builder Tips to Design the Perfect Master Bathroom

Published October 25, 2018.
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In a modern life full of hectic schedules, one of the most valued spaces in any home is the master bathroom. Each day, more and more homeowners decide to invest time and money in renovating this space to make it a relaxation room that helps them keep balance in their busy lives. If you are also thinking about renovating your master bathroom, we recommend you rely on a professional home builder in Calgary.

Whether you are planning a general revamp or an entirely new design from scratch, at Sunset Homes, Calgary's inner city home builder, we suggest you first make a detailed renovation and design plan with the help of your chosen builder. This plan should cover all stages, from layout and installation to final decoration touches. Today, we bring you some tips that will help you design the perfect master bathroom.

Go for A Functional Layout

Any experienced Calgary custom home builder can tell you this: Sure that luxury master bathrooms are all about beautiful fixtures and stylish decoration, but the reality is that they entail much more than that. Remember that behind those gorgeous tiled walls there are plumbing, electrical, and heating systems that need to be efficient. That is why the first step when starting the renovation of your ideal master bathroom is to make a layout plan.

Ideally, the layout must respect the original location of all supply lines, but they can also be moved to accomplish the layout you are looking for. Modern master bathrooms feature one-wall, two-wall or three-wall layouts. The first option lines up the toilet, sink and shower along one wall, the second align the toilet and sink, and the third one locates each element in a different wall. Your chosen Calgary home builder can help you to select the most functional layout for your daily routine.

Think of your Master Bathroom as An Extension of your Bedroom

Usually, the master bathroom is directly connected to the bedroom. Sometimes, there is a connecting walking closet between both rooms. As experienced Calgary infill home builders, we always think of a master bathroom as an extension of a master room, and that is why we work towards the perfect blending of both areas.

We suggest that, when considering the layout for your new master bathroom, you take a look from your bedroom. Is any element of the bathroom visible from the bedroom? If that is the case, then your Calgary home builder will make you an essential question: What part of your bathroom would you like to see from the bedroom? We are pretty sure you won't want to see a toilet but rather a super stylish tub. Take all of this into account during the layout planning stage.

Choose A Soothing Palette

Remember that color is a powerful mood setter. The whole idea of a master bathroom is probably to provide a space to relax and decompress. So ask yourself which color palette promotes calm feelings within you. Custom home builders in Calgary are currently going for neutral color schemes that are soothing and elegant at the same time. But let's put something straight: This doesn't mean boring!

What we suggest, in our experience as Calgary inner city home builders that have done many bathroom renovation projects, is to find the perfect balance between neutral and bold. This means you can have fun mixing and matching colors and textures in your surfaces. You only need to carefully look at samples first to make sure color interactions are dynamic and stylish and not a recipe for disaster. You can also play with your bathroom tile to accent the style, check out our Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Select your Bathroom Tile.

Create A Spa-Like Master Bathroom

If you have the opportunity to treat yourself with a spa-like bathroom, we strongly advise you go for it! As professional Calgary custom home builders, we guarantee you won't regret it. Most homeowners are splurging on themselves with a deep sink tub or a jet shower. Or both! And why wouldn't they? They deserve it, and so do you.

By transforming your master bathroom in a place that promotes health and wellness you are also making it a super stylish space. The right tub and shower are perfect elements to make a statement as they provide powerful visual impact. When selecting these items, ask for the advice of you Calgary custom builder. They can show a wide variety of options right for your personal style.

Set The Tone of your Space with Stylish Lightning

Many homeowners don't overthink about it, but we can assure you that lightning is one of the most critical assets of an ideal master bathroom. Just like it happens with the kitchen, there is nothing worse than a poorly illuminated bathroom. As experienced home builders in Calgary, we suggest you find the right balance between natural and artificial light. If you have the blessing of having large windows, make sure you make the most of the natural light they provide when planning your bathroom layout.

When it comes to artificial lightning, one of the most critical areas is the main mirror for sure. Ideally, you should have lights at each side and above the mirror in a way that you can see your face wholly illuminated. At Sunset Homes, the bespoke Calgary inner city home builder, we suggest you also consider accent and decorative lighting by installing a hanging fixture on your ceiling; you can even add a chandelier! Finally, don’t forget about enclosed vapor-proof downlights for your shower.

Add Enough Storage Space to Keep Things Neat

Many homeowners spend a lot of time and effort renovating their dream master bathroom just to realize, at the end of the project, that they have a beautiful room without any space to keep the items and products they use regularly. That is the moment when a beautiful master bathroom becomes messy. Let's be honest: There is nothing less appealing than cluttered surfaces. To avoid this, ask your Calgary custom home builder for ideas on how to take advantage of your space to keep things neat.

In our experience as custom home builders in Calgary, we suggest you consider to add double-sink vanities that provide dedicated storage space for each person. It is also a good idea to add a wall-mounted medicine cabinet where you can keep emergency items at the tip of your fingers. And if you have enough space, why not adding a dedicated linen closet? We guarantee this will make your life easier and will keep your newly renovated master bathroom clutter-free.

If you do decide to renovate your master bathroom, take a look at these 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating your Bathroom and 3 Budget Friendly Renovation Tips for your Master Bathroom. 

Make the Most of your Space with Luxury Options

As one of the top Calgary custom home builders, we can tell you this: If you have space, use it! If you are renovating a large master bathroom, then you can consider options that are unfortunately restricted for tiny bathrooms. For example, you can add luxury cabinets and countertops to have plenty of free space for your daily pampering routines. You can also add functional furniture to your spacious bathroom, such a chaise longue to relax.

And if you want to go that extra mile, ask your Calgary custom home builder to incorporate luxury items such as a bathroom fireplace, television and sound systems, or a beverage station. You can bet these amenities will be a complete game changer. Finally, don't forget to ask for in-floor heating to keep you warm during the cold months!

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Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR)

If you are renovating your master bathroom, Sunset Homes suggests you go for a functional layout, a soothing palette, spa-like items, and luxury options, and that you don't forget about the importance of lighting and storage.

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