Custom Home Builder Tips For Making Selections Part 2

Published April 3, 2018.
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As experienced Calgary inner city home builders, one of the main fears we have seen among our homeowners is perceiving the custom home building process as daunting. Building a custom home doesn't have to be a complicated process, on the contrary, when you select the right Calgary home builder for your project, and have enough information about the process, building your new dream home becomes an exciting project.

One of the first steps in the custom home building process is creating your wishlist and interviewing Calgary home builders. Once you have decided you are ready to build with us, working on your custom home design and budget is the next step. Learn about what you can find in quotes from Calgary custom home builders here and here.

Once you have your design, then your selection process will start. Check out part 1 of this Custom Home Builder Tips series to learn the basics of selecting countertops, cabinetry, and flooring for your new home in Calgary.

Selecting Colours for your Calgary Custom Home

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Choosing a colour scheme for your custom home can be scary. Some homeowners worry that their homes will look boring and some others don’t know where to start. When it comes to colours, it all depends on style and design. As professional home builders, we suggest a couple of online platforms that can help organize ideas with pictures of patterns such as Houzz or Pinterest.

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Also, there are other resources, such as Benjamin Moore’s website in which you can check colour schemes for each room in your home. When you are selecting colours, we also suggest considering the amount of light each room will have, and the effect you want to create in every room. If you are selecting colours for an open concept or open space, you can choose the main colour and add details with shades or tints in smaller areas.

Always remember to test your potential palette, on interiors and exteriors, and make sure to check how the colours look during the day and night.  If you feel lost about your home's colours, you can always ask your Calgary home builder. They will be able to guide you accordingly to your style and wishlist. Also, they can point you to an interior designer that can help you achieve the right look for your new custom home.

Calgary Inner city Home Builders Tips for Your Stairs

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Most homeowners don't think too much about the stairs they will have and the impact they can create, but your custom home stairs are designed to connect two areas of your home and will provide the right transition between spaces. Many combinations can match your home's style and colours perfectly. At Sunset Homes, Calgary infill home builders, we care about working with local materials, and we dedicate time to your custom home stairs. Depending on your home style your stairs can have wood, carpet or even stone. The railings can be open or closed, and they can be steel, wood, or glass. Having good communication with your Calgary custom home builder will be essential to select the best choice of stairs for your new modern, traditional or transitional home in Calgary.

Get ready to make your selections, check out part 1 and part 3 of this blog series.

Are you ready to build your custom dream home in Calgary? Contact us today! At Sunset Homes, we will provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process. Also, we will prepare a free quote for your new custom build.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Selecting a colour palette and the right custom stairs for your new custom home can be exciting. Ask your Calgary custom home builder to provide you with as much information as possible and the best online tools.

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