Custom Home Builder Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Published December 14, 2019.
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Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is excited about decorating their new custom homes according to the occasion. At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we are always thinking about every small change we can implement to help the environment. We build our beautiful custom homes following green building techniques; you can learn more about this in our article Five Ideas to Make your Custom Home Greener.

Getting into the holiday spirit does not have to increase your energy consumption or create more waste. This Christmas you can select environmentally friendly decorations, be creative with your gifts, reuse materials, and even go for a greener option for your Christmas tree. Check out these custom home builder tips we have prepared for you to go green this holiday.

Reduce Energy Consumption in your Custom Home
This holidays a great option to be more environmentally-friendly is replacing your Christmas lights. You can choose LED-powered Christmas lights, these are more energy-efficient and can endure all weather conditions. You can buy a timer for your lights and program them for a certain time, or turn off your Christmas lights when nobody is around; you will be saving energy and contributing to the environment.

Options for your Christmas Tree
There are a couple of eco-friendly options for your Christmas tree. Although artificial trees can be reused several years, they cannot be recycled. A more sustainable alternative can be choosing a natural tree from a local farm. Selecting a pesticide-free tree can make an excellent choice to reduce toxins in your home.

Small Changes That Can Make a Big Impact
This holiday you can keep the traditions and reduce waste and use of resources by implementing small changes. For example, changing from paper Christmas cards to digital cards can be a more sustainable option, and you can still be able to reach your loved ones. If going digital feels like an impersonal choice for you, consider making your own cards with recycled paper. This option can become a holiday activity to enjoy with your kids.

If you are thinking about a custom home or a major renovation as a new year resolution, contact Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, and learn more about building your inner-city dream home! We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Have an eco-friendly holiday by implementing some small changes in your new custom home, such as choosing LED-powered Christmas lights, to reduce energy consumption.

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