How to Prepare to Age in Place in your Calgary Custom Home?

Published March 20, 2019.
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The primary appeal of building a custom home is having the possibility to imprint your personality and taste in every detail of your property. That is why every day more homeowners are opting to start a building project either to live in there or for investment purposes. As Calgary custom home builders, we help some of our homeowners to build their forever home, which means a property where they will probably stay for many years to grow old and raise a family.

One of the main concerns of people wanting to build their perfect forever home is how their property could be later adapted when they grow older to keep being a comfortable and safe place for them. As Calgary custom home builders committed to the well-being and health of our homeowners, we suggest adding aging-in-place features to your home during the building process, so you don’t have to worry in the future.

But what does exactly mean aging in place? In a few words, aging in place is the ability of homeowners to continue safely living in their home as they grow older and their needs and style of life evolve. Logically, most homeowners want to be able to stay at home, which is strongly linked to better health and happiness during their golden years.

At Sunset Homes, the bespoke Calgary inner city home builder, we know how traumatic can be being forced of your home due to age, and we believe that all homeowners can have a safe and healthy retirement home with the proper guidance of the right home builder in Calgary. Today, we have prepared some tips that will make more comfortable aging in place in your Calgary custom home.

Aging in your Custom Home? Be Prepared for Life Changes Aging in your Custom Home

We know it: Nobody likes to think about senior years, but the truth is that each stage of life is different and as we age some activities become more challenging. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we recommend our homeowners ―especially those in their 50s and 60s― to consider including aging-in-place facilities when building or renovating their homes. Being realistic and honest about the future is the best way to guarantee you will enjoy your dream home for many years.

Building an age-friendly property doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise aesthetics or style. We instead advocate subtle and smart design choices that reflect your taste and have a massive impact on your future lifestyle in a way you can age comfortably and independently in your own space. Remember that it is critical to be realistic about the potential future, so it is advisable to focus on essential aspects such as preventing dangerous falls, creating accessible spaces, and making everyday life more comfortable.

Custom Home Design that Matters: Plan a Lifelong Layout

If you have already decided that you want to age in your current property or that you will build a forever home, then you should consider the importance of layout. The right custom home design can improve immensely the accessibility to rooms and common areas. In our experience as Calgary home builders, we suggest you consider an open-floor layout that is both practical and trendy. In this way, you can enjoy from more clear space to move smoothly and have better visibility inside your home.

Reduced mobility is a significant aspect to take into account when aging in place. That is why another great tip is to choose wider doorways and hallways for easier maneuvering, and in the event, you need the help of a wheelchair or walker in the future. Try to leave at least 32 clear inches for doorways and at least 36 inches in the case of hallways. Another great tip we can give you after our long experience in custom building is to leave enough space for a future elevator. This can be easily accomplished by stacking two aligned closet units in the first and second storeys of your home.

Consider the Impact of Stairs and Flooring for your Calgary Custom Home

In our long experience as Calgary custom home builders, we know that falls represent one of the major risks for seniors at home. That is why a good tip is reducing the number of stairs as much as possible. This includes opting for no-step entryways and also reducing the number of steps inside your property dramatically. Many homeowners are configuring their home in a single storey instead of the traditional two-storey design.

The great benefit of single-storey living is avoiding the need for stairs and centralizing all rooms in a flat area. If you don't want to give up your dreamed two-storeys layout, then try to create a spacious first storey that could accommodate a potential master bedroom and bathroom in the future, if needed.

Another critical item to take into account is the risk presented by uneven floors that can cause falls and trips. Many homeowners are opting for just one-floor type all along their property, which makes it visually consistent and also avoids flooring height changes. The best flooring materials for aging in place in your Calgary custom home are usually smooth and soft because they reduce fall hazard and are more convenient for your joints. Ask your chosen Calgary custom home builder to show you samples of rubber, corks, and linoleum as well as thin and resistant carpeting.

Create Safer Bathrooms in your Custom Home

Bathrooms can become extra hazardous spaces as we age. The risk of falling increases tremendously over time due to slippery surfaces and the lack of support features. If you are planning your dream master bathroom and you love tubs, there is no need to make a sacrifice by only installing a shower. Instead, we recommend you go with both of them. When it comes to safer showers, ask your chosen Calgary custom home builder to install an adjustable-height showerhead with a handheld wand, as this will help you to bathe more easily.

It is also important to opt for a no-threshold shower for security purposes. You can even consider adding a shower seat to make your bathroom even more comfortable. Another critical factor of a bathroom that will help you to age well in your Calgary custom home is support. Take into account that towel bars are not designed to support body weight. That is not a problem now as many towel bars in the market are specially conceived to provide enough support for senior users and help them with mobility issues. Finally, make sure you include at least one full bathroom on the first storey.

Custom Home Design Tip: Plan for a More Comfortable Kitchen

Right now you may have the kitchen you have always dreamed of. But being realistic, cooking is a standing activity that can become tiring for your joints over time. At Sunset Homes, the bespoke Calgary inner city home builder, we suggest you consider adding a surface where you can sit to cut ingredients and prepare your meals in the future. Another excellent tip is to opt for a wheeled island with a lock that can be moved according to your needs and also adjusted to provide space for a wheelchair or walker.

When it comes to eating and entertainment areas in your kitchen, the best idea is to avoid bar-height seats and better go with lower furniture pieces that will be kinder to your joints. And when selecting the right cabinetry for the perfect kitchen where you will age in place and continue cooking the most delicious meals, we encourage you to choose D-type pulls which are way easier to pull than traditional round knobs, to increase the number of drawers for storage, and to reduce the number of cabinet doors for easier access.

Invest in Technology-Powered Devices

Our final tip is to resort to technology to make your life easier as you age. We live in the era of multifunctional technology-powered devices designed to make your life easier so you can spend time doing the activities that you love without worrying that much about maintaining your home. A well-equipped home to age in place can include motion sensor faucets and lights, as well as front door locks, lighting fixtures and temperature regulators that you can easily control from your smartphone or tablet.

Finally, remember that having a luxurious and practical retirement home is possible as long as you trust your project to the right team of professional Calgary custom home builders. The idea is taking into account both your current and future needs without neglecting the importance of living in a stylish and appealing space that accurately reflects your taste and lifestyle. You deserve a forever home that will make you happy for many years so don’t feel restricted when building your dream home!

Ready to build your dream home? Contact Sunset Homes today! We will prepare a class 3 estimate for your project, and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When looking forward to aging in your new Calgary custom home, it is essential to be realistic about potential future changes in your life. Try to pay special attention to layout, stairs, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, and consider investing in technological devices to make your life easier.

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