Advantages of Building a Garage Suite in Calgary

Published November 7, 2020.
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Accessory buildings are trending in Calgary nowadays, from small studios, work/life builds, and garage suites, there is a variety of possibilities when considering adding an accessory building to your new custom home in Calgary. In this blog, we will check the essentials about garage suites or laneway homes and their benefits.

What is a Garage Suite?

Garage suites are also known as laneway homes, laneway houses, carriage houses or garden suites. They are custom homes as well; they are detached buildings to the main dwelling and their main characteristic is that they face an alley or they are built side by side to the main home.

They are definitely a smaller version of the main home on the property and when planning a custom build project you can opt to build your main custom home plus a garage suite in your backyard, build only a garage suite as an accessory building to your existing home, or even renovate your existing home to include a garage suite. Although garage suites are small, they usually have the same amenities as the main house.

Where Can I build a Garage Suite in Calgary?

Before selecting the perfect lot for your custom home project, make sure to involve your builder to ensure the lot doesn’t have any constructability issues and to confirm the zoning is compatible with a secondary suite, or if you would have to apply to rezone, and the probability to obtain this approval.

Five Advantages of Building a Garage Suite in Calgary

  • Great use of space. Garage suites or laneway homes are a great solution to maximizing space in Calgary’s inner city. They don’t imply big changes to already established neighborhoods and allow a younger population to live in the inner city.
  • Great option for rental income. Building a garage suite in your lot means you can generate rental income and have privacy at home at the same time.
  • Great option to have family together. Having a garage suite close to your main home can offer a chance to have many generations together while still having separate spaces and privacy for everyone.
  • Great chance to subsidize a mortgage. When renting a garage suite, you can have more income to put into your mortgage.
  • Great cost savings option in a custom build. Building a laneway house is usually less than buying an inner-city condo of the same size, plus you won't have to pay condo fees.

The Best Time to Build Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites

The City of Calgary is currently waiving up to $900 in fees for the development permit and secondary suites until December 31, 2021. Check more about it on the City of Calgary’s website.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Building a garage suite in Calgary is a great opportunity to maximize the use of space in your inner-city lot, create rental income, and have multiple generations living together with plenty of privacy.

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