Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Attached Homes in Calgary

Published April 5, 2017.
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This is the last part of this three blog series on the kinds of homes we specialize in building in Calgary’s inner city. Our premise, as Calgary’s bespoke home builder, is to guide and educate our clients to make the pre-construction and construction processes as positive as it can be. We have prepared a list of pros and cons of building and investing in an attached custom home can have, so you have a better idea of the starting point in your custom home building project.

Attached homes

Also called multi-family homes, attached homes have become a very attractive option for young people and small families looking to invest in their first property. As the term multi-family indicates, attached homes contain multiple housing units. This means that attached homes usually share a wall on one or both sides of the property

Size options

Some of the most common attached homes are condos, triplexes, fourplexes, townhouses or apartment buildings. Thinking about these options the first thought that comes to mind might be a reduced space, nevertheless, in Calgary and under our designs, attached properties can still offer a relatively large space.

Pricing and maintenance

The best quality of attached homes is that they are more affordable than any other types of housing. Therefore, multi-family properties represent an entry point to homeownership.
Also, you will be part of a community; usually utility expenses could be shared within the community.

Limited or shared exteriors

The main disadvantage of attached homes is that you might not have a yard, a garden or you would have to share the space. As attached homes are connected to your neighbors on each side.  Attached and semi-detached homes are usually noisier but thanks to Sunset Homes’ Building techniques the noise is virtually zero. Talk to your custom home builder about Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and consider it as an option for your home’s shared walls.

As an investment property

Multi-family properties represent less risk than other kinds of housing for investors. With a good location, your cash flow will be higher; this means that even if the tenants of one unit don’t pay, you still receive income from your other units.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Attached infill homes are the most affordable option, and they are overall an excellent investment property. The main disadvantage depending on the homeowner lifestyle would be sharing with more neighbours and the lack of space for private exteriors.

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