3 Trends for Basement Renovations

Published February 13, 2017.
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Modern basements are not just spaces for storage anymore. Basements have become places for increasing your living and recreation options, plus doing a basement renovation can increase the value of your home. Usually, setting up your basement with comfortable furniture, a TV with video games, and also a stash of your favorite board games means creating a new room for your family to spend time together. If f you are thinking beyond the idea of the family room, we have put together 3 suggestions that might fit your needs.

Mini apartment/loft

With the right layout, you may be able to take advantage of your basement space and create a mini apartment in it. This room can become a cozy place to receive family and guests, and to offer them a private space as well. You can plan it with a private bathroom, and still add extra closets and storage to it to keep all your seasonal items organized.

Small kitchen and bar

Adding a small, chic kitchen and bar to your basement can provide you with a nice space to entertain, store wines and enjoy small reunions and dinners with your closest friends.

Private Gym

If you and your family are devoted to exercise, then your basement can become your best friend. A basement has the perfect space to have all the perks for people who enjoy having a home gym. You will be able to have a daily workout according to your own schedule and the whole family can benefit from this.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Take advantage of space by creating a mini apartment for guests, add a small kitchen and bar for hosting reunions or have your private gym and make it easy on your schedule.

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