3 Steps to Create the Final Budget for your Custom Home in Calgary

Published January 16, 2017.
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Steps to Create the Final Budget for your Custom Home

3 Steps to Create the Final Budget for your Custom Home in Calgary

When you are ready to custom build your dream home and come to Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builder, we will guide you through all the steps of your building process with our online software called CoConstruct. As construction costs will vary according to your selections, the first phase of choosing every detail will lead us to 3 important phases in your budget.

The Class 3 Summary Budget

We will present, at no cost, a first estimate with 20% to 30% off your custom home cost depending on your selections, the size of your home, your location, architectural style, and other important factors. This will be approximate to the cost of your house and will help you assess the cost of your investment.

The Class 2 Summary Budget

On this second step, we will already have included all the selections, changes, and notes you have made on the class 3 summary, the pricing for drawing, as well as the city permits will have been processed. This estimate will range in a 10% to 15% of the final cost of your infill offering the opportunity to make final changes and necessary adjustments you deem convenient.

The Class 1 Summary Budget

This is the last estimate cost you will assess and approve; this will include your final design and your full selections. We will present you with an estimate of 2% to 5% of the final cost for your dream house and all the approval and changes will be made in real-time through our online construction software called CoConstruct. We will present you with the absolute completion time in this estimate and upon approval, we will be ready to build your custom infill home in Calgary.

To learn all the details you need to know about the cost of a custom home in Calgary check out all the blogs we have in this section of our blog and watch our Master Class: Engineering the Perfect Custom Home in Calgary!

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