3 Facts about the Internet of Things and How it is Changing the Modern Home

Published February 2, 2017.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept being mentioned everywhere and has a scope causing impact in many areas of our life, including the way we live, our routines and the way we plan our custom homes. From monitoring our home building process to customizing many devices at home the IoT is here and we want to show you some ways it is present.

Understanding the IoT

The Internet of Things refers to a system of devices, objects (smart objects like cars), animals and people, even our cities, interconnected through the internet thanks to electronic devices, sensors, computers, and whatever object that allows network connectivity and data exchange. All in all IoT helps us to use an internet connection to use our devices effectively and remotely.

IoT is already present in our homes and lives

Home automation is not a new concept and is developing even more. We can control the heating and lighting systems to make our homes welcome us with a warm environment. We are able to customize our security system, have smart locks installed, and be able to see who comes and goes into our homes. Some of the usual home-related activities such as audio and video system can be controlled and programmed for multiple rooms in a smart home. But IoT has not only impacted the way we live, but also the way we built our homes. Nowadays construction sites can be monitored with drones and processes can be checked and updated through softwares.

Some advantages and Challenges

The main advantage that the IoT can make our lives easier and offers time saving in some activities at home, allowing us to even save money, for example in electricity when programming light systems and limiting our devices use to certain amounts of time. But in all, it will probably be even more present in our homes with many intelligent devices to help our day to day lives. The main challenge it still has to face for people to totally change into a 100% smart life is data managing and security.

Are you ready to have a smart, more efficient home? Home automation can be included at many different levels according to your needs. At Sunset Homes, Calgary’s custom home builder, we can provide you with guidance regarding home automation and we can adapt it to your needs.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

IoT allows to connect and interact to devices everywhere. It can be integrated to several degrees at home and make some tasks easier at home.

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