3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Home During Winter

Published January 25, 2017.
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Taking care of your home translates in retaining its value, every season there are a couple of things that we can do to maintain our homes, and as winter is here to stay for a while, we have brought you a couple of useful tips to implement during these cold months:

Improve your ventilation

In these cold months, ventilating your house doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you have a ceiling fan you could choose the reverse option and this will keep your home warm (as hot air will rise) and improve air circulation. Also, remember you have your kitchen’s and bath’s fan. Use them the circulate and bring fresh air to areas of your home.

Remove your snow

It sounds obvious, but it is important to protect the concrete and wood in your house. Removing the snow, ice and traces of any product used to de-ice snow is important, this will avoid your finshes from chipping and wearing off prematurely.

Don’t forget about the outdoors

Remember to protect your beautiful furniture. Sometimes we don’t want to change our indoor decorations, or there isn’t enough space to bring your outdoor furniture inside your home, you can protect them with special plastic covers. Petroleum jelly is your best friend for protecting outdoors items, it prevents metal from rust and also protect the life of your outdoors bulbs

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Reverse ceiling fans, remove snow from concrete and wood, and use petroleum jelly for outdoor metals.

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