About Us

We are Calgary's Bespoke Home Builder

We keep our client’s interests first. We care about making you feel part of our team and we want to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

Our Team

Pedro Ocana



I enjoy being part of the design process and seeing our clients faces when the first sketches are drawn and being able to improve the constructability of those designs from the getgo.

Franklin Linares

Project Manager


I  enjoy all the activities that entail organizing our process and seeing how planning and engineering can make everything easier to build the perfect family home.

Lesley Hauville

Customer Service Manager


Being able to provide guidance from the start and keep long lasting relationships is what I enjoy the most about building our custom homes.

Courtney Den Boer



Contributing to keeping an organized environment for our clients is key and it is what I enjoy the most.

Nicole Davy

Project Coordinator


Professional experience in project coordination, scheduling, and construction management since 2012.

Marianella Quintero

Marketing Manager


I enjoy being creative and always seek to improve the ways to reach our clients.


Safety Intern


I am in charge of making sure all sites are safe and progressing at the right pace.