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SS Construction has worked with Sunset Homes for many years now, and intend to continue to do so for as long as possible, due to their professional attitude, their attention to detail, their unfaltering pride in their projects, and above all else, their ability to treat the people who work with them like family.

In every urban city, there are builders who feel that quantity supercedes quality, and treat home building like a production line, pushing their projects through as fast as possible. Although this bodes well for their bank accounts, this approach tends to leave the homes lacking the quality, value, and craftsmanship that every homeowner deserves. I have learned throughout the years that Sunset Homes approaches the building process with the clients first on the list of priorities, with the quality, value, and craftsmanship a very close second. This allows trades like SS Construction to comfortably go above and beyond when we are on site, without the constraints of 'low budget' and 'faster, not better' builds.

We also appreciate always working with the same trades on each project. This shows the loyalty and integrity Sunset Homes has for the people they work with, and expedites the building process, in that each trade knows what to expect, as well as what to provide for their neighbouring trades.

All in all, Sunset Homes has provided us with many opportunities, and will always be a VIP builder for everyone who frames with SS Construction.

- Steve Starenky