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6 Items You Should Consider Before Building Your Custom Infill Home in Calgary

6 Items You Should Consider Before Building Your Custom Infill Home in Calgary

When you are thinking about building a new custom home in Calgary or investing in a new infill home, it is a time in which careful planning can define the life-changing process that building a home can be. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, at Sunset Homes providing you with as much information as possible is essential so that you can make informed decisions and are able to enjoy while building your home. Take a look at these items you should consider before building your new home in Calgary.

Selecting the Right Builder

Finding the right Calgary custom home builder is a very important step in the home building process because they will act as your project manager. The home builder should be very experienced in building the kind of home you are envisioning. They should also be familiar with the area in which the project is going to be built as having a custom home builder with experience in your area can save time and money. Having a good relationship with your builder can be key for your overall experience, take a look at these 5 Important Things to Consider When Comparing Builders

Defining the Right Budget for your New Calgary Custom Home

The overall budget for your custom home should be the starting point of the planning process. Before you begin to design a custom infill home, talk to your builder about what your budget for the entire project will be from start to finish. Though you will not be able to account for every single expense during the custom home building process from the start, you can still put together a budget estimate that you can refine together with your builder over the course of your project. After reviewing the initial budget estimate, you will be able to determine the feasibility of the home building project. 

To be able to determine the right budget for you, you will also need to understand all the costs included in the construction process. Read more about the items you can find in our budgets in our two-part blog series Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Budget.

Choosing the Ideal Community and the Righ Lot

What type of community amenities are you looking for when you move to your new home? Would you like to live close to schools, be able to walk to shops and restaurants, or live in a rural area away from the buzz of the city? When building an infill home, the type of community you see yourself living in is of the utmost importance.

Additionally, there are many factors you must take into account when choosing the perfect lot for your custom infill home. It must be the right size and shape for the structure you are planning to build. As well, you have to consider the buildings surrounding the lot - will they obstruct your view or block out the natural light? Will you have enough space for parking, pools, and other outdoor structures once your house is built? Choosing the right lot is just as important as your home's design. Take a look at some of the Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder before Buying your Lot.

Understanding Permits and Approvals

Don't forget about the many permit application and approval processes that come with building a new home. During the building process, after you establish your custom home design, there are a couple of weeks assigned to all the permits and approvals to be able to start building your home. You may also have to get the appropriate zoning for the type of structure you plan to develop. Some permits you may be required to have are:

  • Demolition permit if the lot has an existing building
  • Development permit
  • Building permit
  • Mechanical, electrical or plumbing permits
  • Permits for a pool or other backyard structure

Take a look at our article Building Permit Basics for your New Custom Home to learn more about the time they may take and the possible requirements. Also, take a look at all the information provided by The City of Calgary

Your Home's Exterior Appearance 

When building an infill home, homeowners often aim to design a new home that matches the style and character of the existing homes in their desired neighbourhood. Your home should also be proportional in size to your lot and the other surrounding houses. The best part about a custom home is that you can have complete creative control of the exterior and interior of your home. It's essential to live in a home that you feel comfortable in, so including the right finishing touches that suit your lifestyle will make your new custom inner city home perfect. From wall colours and carpeting to light fixtures and furniture, you can design a home that reflects your personal taste and will be functional to live in.

Your exterior colours and finishes can define the character and overall look of your home, take a look at our blog Exterior Finishing Options for your Custom Home in Calgary to explore what would be best for your home exteriors.

Thinking about your New Home Resale Value

Does your potential new neighbourhood support the value of the house you are planning to build? A common mistake many people looking to build a home is not considering, and they end up with a product that is much more valuable than any other property in the neighbourhood. This can mean that your home will be challenging to sell if you consider that in the future. Take a look at  How Design Can Impact Your Home Value.

Ready to build your new custom home in Calgary? Contact Sunset Homes today!  We will gladly prepare a class 3 summary budget for your new dream home and give you more information about our Calgary custom homes and major renovations.

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Before building your new Calgary home, take into account the style you want it to have and match it with the ideal community, lot, and builder. Plan your new home considering its future resale value and our desired budget as well.

3 Essential Things to Consider When Selecting Cabinetry Hardware

3 Essential Things to Consider When Selecting Cabinetry Hardware

When planning your kitchen renovation or selecting items for your ideal kitchen in your new custom home, choosing a small detail such as your kitchen cabinetry hardware can make the difference. One aspect homeowners might not imagine is that Pulls, handles, and knobs can contribute to creating that unique style in your new custom home. 

Think about your cabinetry hardware as the jewelry you want for your kitchen. Your hardware selection can create a luxurious look, a traditional or modern style, and of course, it can make your kitchen and home interior stand out. 

Practicality and Style for your Ideal Custom Kitchen

As Calgary custom home builders, we know that your kitchen can become one of the busiest rooms at home. Your ideal kitchen can be designed to entertain guests and be the center of your day to day family time. If you decide to custom build your home as an open space, the kitchen will not only be for cooking, and your kitchen style will complement your living room as well. Once you have gone through the process of choosing functional and stylish cabinetry, then it will be time to select hardware that is also comfortable and stylish.

Materials available for your Pulls, Knobs, and Handles

For your kitchen cabinetry, you will be able to find many sizes: small cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, and extra-long cabinet handles. You can find wood, ceramic, glass, and metal knobs, with round and cup styles. They can be a beautiful decorative element, but if you seek practicality and style, for your drawers and cabinets we recommend handles instead of knobs as they are easier to pull. The most used material is metal as it remains the most durable option, a matte finish easily matches all kinds of woodwork, and its maintenance turns out to be the easiest.

Matching your Home Style and your Hardware

If you choose handles, they can be placed depending on the style you envision for your home. For modern homes, pick long line handles for your kitchen cabinetry and put them horizontally. For traditional homes, you can decide to use knobs with details for small drawers and drop handles for bigger cabinets, maybe adding a ceramic finish for a vintage look. Finally, if you go with the transitional home, you can blend both styles and combine cup knobs with small line bar handles.ç

Your kitchen cabinetry hardware does not need to be expensive to create a unique and luxurious environment in your custom dream home. Contact Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, will gladly help you with your selections through the entire building process and we will suggest the best options according to your dream home style. 

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Knobs are the best option for traditional homes; ceramic knobs will add style to your kitchen cabinetry. If you prefer a modern look choose metal long line handles for your kitchen and satin stainless steel for your doors. 

Essential Things You Need To know about Stairs for your New Custom Home

Essential Things You Need To know about Stairs for your New Custom Home!

When planning your new custom home and making selections, most homeowners don't know how their stairs can impact the overall style of their home. On one hand, stairs can be functional, but on the other hand, a staircase is an item that can create the right transition between two areas in your home. Plus, it can contribute to that specific style that you are dreaming of for your new custom home. In fact, your stairs can become the centerpiece of your home and they can also increase its value. Check out these essential things you need to know about stairs to make the best stair selection.

calgary builder

A Couple Things to Learn About the Anatomy of a Stair

If you have never selected stairs before, or you are not sure about all the components you need to select for your stairs, learning the lingo can be useful to define the right kind of stairs for your new home in Calgary. First, the rise refers to the height of the staircase and the risers are the vertical part of the stairs. The treads are the horizontal parts in which we place our feet and the stringers are the pieces that support the treads and risers on the stair. Treads can be straight or convex, open or closed. 

calgary custom home builder

Kinds of Stairs for your New Custom Home

There are many kinds of options to add to your custom home. For example, you can choose mono stringer or floating stairs which provide an open feel in the room. Whereas a curved staircase can add sophistication and a luxurious feel. Open riser stairs offer a clear view and a lighter appearance and spiral stairs are excellent to accent both your interiors and exteriors.

calgary custom home builders.png

Match your Materials with Your Custom Home Design

Ask your Calgary custom home builder for guidance while selecting your stairs so that you can match it with your custom home style. Depending on if your new home has a modern, traditional or transitional style you can mix a variety of materials to make your stairs match. Furthermore, take into account the desired budget you have established for your new custom home. For example, if you want a modern look and save costs, one option can be going with a glass handrail return. 

sunset homes.png

Adding steel to your stairs and selecting open treads will also contribute to a modern style vibe. If a traditional style is what you envision for your new custom home, we suggest choosing wood. Nevertheless, wood spindles can be a costly option. Depending on which areas your stairs will be connecting, and your family lifestyle, you will want to choose more durable or comfortable options. On one hand, wood and concrete are more durable materials but, on the other hand, choosing carpet can be a more comfortable option. 

sunset homes (2).png

Ready to build your new custom home with Calgary’s bespoke home builder? Contact us today! We will gladly prepare a free quote for your new custom home and provide you with more information about every step in the construction process.

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Stairs can be an incredible feature, as they help you create the style you want for your home while increasing its value.

Top Things to Consider when Deciding between a New Build and a Major Renovation

 Top Things to Consider when Deciding between a New Build and a Major Renovation

Choosing between making a major renovation or building a new custom home is a process our homeowners sometimes go through. Depending on your future goals for your home, your location, your desired budget, and the time you want to invest in your project, one option will provide you with more advantages than the other. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we have compiled this list of top things to consider when you have to make this decision.

Think About Your Future Plans

Think about your primary motivation for renovating your existing home. Are you renovating to increase your home value because you want to resell the property? Alternatively, are you renovating to have a more suitable space for you and your family? Check out the 3 Main Reasons Homeowners decide to do Major Renovations if you are not still sure of what is your main goal.

Frequently, our homeowners' primary goal is to do a major renovation that can increase resale value. If that is your case, take a look at our article Top 3 Upgrades that Add Resale Value to your Home. These tips will help you determine if going the renovation route is the best option for you. If you love your home but you need to adapt it to your new needs, plus you feel that you want to keep some of the original details, you will probably think that renovating is the best option for you instead of opting for a new custom home.

Starting from Scratch is an Idea that Motivates You

If you are thinking about staying for a couple of years in the same home and you realize the scope of work for your major renovation is too much, meaning there are too many things that you would change at your current home, then building a new custom home might be the best decision for you. From the beginning of the design stage, you can plan your home to include features that increase the resale value, maximize the use of space, and select durable, environmentally friendly, and efficient materials. Furthermore, when you build a custom home, you can have a modern floorplan and design with energy efficiency in mind, thus reducing energy costs in the long term.

Consider the Costs of Your Ideal Reno and  Your Ideal Custom Home

Many people think renovating can be more cost-effective than building a new custom home, but it depends on the scope of work you have in mind and the materials you select. If you have too many changes in mind for your existing home, it is essential to compare the costs of building a new home. You should also account for any unexpected expense that can come from a major renovation project, for example, any structural issue that will increase your renovation budget.

Your Design is an Important Factor

Whether you prefer to renovate your existing home or to build a new one, it is essential to know that you will go through the design phase. During this stage, your builder and design team will create your concept and review the regulations established for your area, work on your permits and provide you with the tools to make selections, work in your interior designs, and develop your final budget.

Ready for a custom build or a major renovation? Contact Sunset Homes today; we are experienced Calgary inner city home builders! We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom homes and major renovations.

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When deciding between renovating your existing home or building a new custom home, take into account your goals for the future, the cost and timeline of both options, and the possibility to have an efficient design. 

Must-Have Memberships That Make The Difference When Choosing A Custom Home Builder

Must-Have Memberships That Make The Difference When Choosing A Custom Home Builder

Once you are decided that building a custom home is the best option for you, choosing the right builder is the next step in the process. When you are looking for the right builder, there are many features to consider, in fact, you can check these 5 Important Things to Consider When Comparing Calgary Custom Home Builders. Undoubtedly, choosing an experienced Calgary custom home builder can make an impact on your overall experience. Being part of certain organizations within the industry contributes to our expertise we are proud to show you these memberships that we carry to ensure we build your home to last.

   BILD MemberLogo.jpg

BILD Calgary Region

This organization is the result of the amalgamation of Canadian Home Builder’s Association - Calgary Region and Urban Development Institute. Being a member of BILD Calgary Region provides expertise, information, opportunities, and support in core areas: such as Industry News and Information, Networking Opportunities, and Government Representation.

Being part of BILD Calgary Region provides our homeowners and us with plenty of benefits. One of the most important is automatically becoming members of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association - Alberta and the Canadian Home Builders Association. Sunset Homes, as a Custom Home builder, is required to be up to date on the all bylaws, codes, new releases, and much more to design and build your new custom home accordingly.



Being Part of RenoMark provides us with a mark of excellence as Major Renovators. As members of this organization, we subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Code of conduct, as well as are in touch with the most current trends in the industry. Being committed to professionalism, and keeping a high standard for quality of our craftsmanship, offering the best customer service and are also parts of our distinctive features.

cor logo


The Certificate of Recognition shows that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards. These standards are established by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Sunset Homes is one of the few Calgary Custom Home Builders that possess this certification, and we have obtained it by first having a health and safety management system in place, and then having it successfully audited through a Certifying Partner, you can learn more about it here.

Sunset Homes Builder Member

Built Green

We are proud members of Built Green. At Sunset Homes, improving our processes and implementing advanced building techniques aligns entirely with our core values. We want to provide our homeowners with procedures that ensure higher durability and lower environmental impact. Check out these Three Important Facts about Sustainable Building.

We want to ensure all our clients understand the importance of the Built Green program. This program addresses the energy requirements and goes beyond energy efficiency to include the preservation of natural resources, pollution reduction, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. Custom Home Building using Built Green techniques becomes affordable with a decrease in monthly operating costs, rebates, and more. There are four different levels in which you can build your custom home and get a Built Green Certification, read all the details about it here.

Progressive HomeWarranty logo

Progressive Home Warranty

As your inner city builder, we strive to have comprehensive coverage for your new custom home, for that reason we have chosen Progressive Home Warranty.  Building a custom home is a substantial financial commitment, so you should have the highest expectations regarding quality and warranty coverage. Working with this Home Warranty Program creates a commitment that will ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded, leaving you with your perfect custom home. Take a look at Progressive Home Warranty resources here and learn more about its benefits.

BBB logo


Being part of the Better Business Bureau provides us with the opportunity as custom builders and major renovators to stand out and to be transparent with our clients. This organization has determined that Sunset Homes meets the A+ level under the BBB accreditation standards, which includes a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints when building your custom home or major renovation in Calgary. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and support of the BBB services to the public. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we are proud to have a BBB rating of A+ since 2012.

Ready to custom build with Calgary’s bespoke home builder? Contact us today, and we will gladly prepare a free quote for your new custom home and provide you with more information about every step in the construction process.

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When choosing the right builder for you, take a look at the memberships and accreditations your Calgary custom home builder has to provide you with excellent quality, customer service, safety, and advanced building technologies.