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Exterior Finishing Options for your Custom Home in Calgary

At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we want to provide our homeowners with many options to go through when they are in the selection process for their new homes. Exterior finishes are integral to your home’s look, aesthetics and style. Additionally, your custom home exterior finishing also should be lasting and weather resistant, especially with Calgary’s winter and wind. In our building process, we are always looking to guide our homebuyers and help them select the best options for their homes. That is why this week we have put together a list of exterior finishing options for your new custom home in Calgary to ease your selection process and help you find the most durable option, with the highest quality that fits your budget.

Stone has become the favourite for everyone, especially homeowners that prefer a traditional look. It is considered a premium material, because stone is a natural product, and it can be installed both in interiors and exteriors. This option can be quite expensive due to its installation cost and time. If you decide to have stone in your custom infill home, you can either have it included in a small part of you design, combined with stucco, for example. Also, you can consider some masonry products that have a similar look to stone, such as cultured stone. This option is a great alternative to stone. Cultured stone is a semisynthetic option that offers a similar look to stone at a reduced cost.

Nowadays stucco is a very popular option. There are various kinds of stucco such as synthetic and natural. We provide the option to use EIFS, an exterior insulation finishing system that makes your walls water-resistant, provides insulation, and it can be mixed with assorted colours for a unique finish. Stucco has turned out to be the most efficient, resistant and durable material for exterior finishing, and also, one of the easiest options to install.

Metal and Vinyl Siding
Both these options are quite popular as well and offer a modern look to your home. These materials are durable and strong, water resistant and low maintenance. Ask your custom home builder for guidance about using these options and check if it matches your custom home style.

Hardie Board Siding
A widely used option by luxury home builders in Calgary, hardie board siding also has many benefits. It is durable and can be made to look like other materials such as wood. It is also fire resistant and can stand through wild storms. Although this option stands among the most used in Calgary, its installation cost can also be higher than the other options.

Talk to your custom home builder about these options and consider your custom infill home design. At Sunset Homes, we will gladly guide you through the selection process and provide you with all the help to make your dream home come true.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Stone, metal and vinyl, stucco, and hardie board are among the most popular options for exterior finishings for your custom home.